Fun and Games Friday

17 04 2009

It’s Friday!  Which means, your office is probably only ½ full of your coworkers, and you are looking for something to do, or rather… a place to goof off.

We here at Formic would like to help, so we would like to offer up our top 10 list of best places on the web to waste time (besides Facebook and Twitter).  Yes, you all web-waste and you know it!

For your consideration and surfing activities, here is our snazzy list:

  • – sassy, SASSY gossip blog by the queen of all media.
  • – thought provoking captions attached to cute bunny pictures.
  • – this is self explanatory – Hot or Not?
  • – seriously, you know you want to see clips from Drew Carey’s “whose line is it anyway?”
  • Do you miss the original Pacman? Pine away for Donkey Kong? Then surf on over to . You can find classic games built in flash and the like, there are also new games added each week.
  • – too much cuteness contained in one website. Don’t explode from the fuzzy cuteness that abounds.
  • – seriously, some of the best postings to craigslist of all times. You will realize that four hours has gone by in seconds. Then your boss comes around the corner and you are kind of screwed. Whoops.
  • “Ugh, who was that one guy in that one movie”… rules for this kind of burning question. More time has been burned here just researching that latest water cooler question “who was that guy who was in “the Fast and the Furious”‘?
  • Are snow sports your thing? Get cheap gear at and watch for new deals as soon as the last one sells out! Just keep refreshing your page until the newest deal comes up…it’s fun and can take hours. More daily deals:
  • Gadget-y deals:

With that said, don’t bother us (we are very busy) – we are playing Donkey Kong.

See you on Monday!


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