Add Visual Context with Google’s New In-Page Analytics View

15 10 2010

Google has just released a new feature in beta that provides better visual context to your site’s analytics – appropriately named In-Page Analytics.  With this new features, you will be able to see a bubble over every link on your site.  Each bubble shows the percentage of clicks that each link receives when visitors view any given page, but hover your cursor over each bubble and you’ll get even more statistics.

In-Page Analytics View

This type of visual context within Google Analytics is nothing new but the previous product, Site Overlay, was limited in its capabilities.  Now, webmaster have a much easier way to see how users are navigating about the site.  It can be a great way to find under-performing links and test new strategies to generate more attention there, like a new call-to-action for example.   Google is hoping to expand In-Page Analytics in the future and continue to make Analytics a powerful platform for any website owner.  In-Page Analytics can be accessed from the Content section of your account and Google offers a great walk through video on its official blog.

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