Google Quietly Updates the Keyword Tool Interface

16 06 2011

It looks like Google made some more changes to one of their products without drawing much attention.  Sometime this week it looks like Google updated the Keyword Tool interface.  Previously when doing keyword research with the tool, the word or phrase that you were searching for got lumped into the rest of the results within the search.  With the new interface the actual search terms are presented in a separate table from the keyword ideas that are delivered:

As you can see the change was anything if not minor, but I like the idea of being able to quickly see the results for the exact search terms that I entered.  At first glance I thought that it may make the “only show ideas closely related to my search terms” obsolete, but a quick test that I ran returned some bizarre results:

Strangely, the broader search for all keywords returns 577 keyword ideas and when you click the “only show ideas closely related to my search terms,” which in theory would refine the search, Google returns 800 keyword ideas (the maximum number the tool will return).  What are your thoughts on the backwards results?  Did Google flub the update?



One response

25 06 2011

Thanks for the info – I had not noticed this new feature!

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