Take that Google, Our +100 Beats Your +1

1 04 2011

The never ending saga between Google and Bing continues…

Back in early February, Danny Sullivan wrote how Google accused Bing of copying its search results. Google likened Bing to the dumb kid sitting next to you in class that leans over to try to cheat off your test. Bing didn’t come out and deny they were stealing the search results either. In a follow up interview with Harry Shum, Corporate Vice President of Bing Development, Danny Sullivan noted that one of Shum’s major concerns with this whole fiasco was his son’s feelings. Awww, ain’t that sweet. He called him at school and told his son that he’d explain more when they got home. Google has Harry, and Bing, running scared.

Well, to add insult to injury, earlier this week Google released a new feature in their search results, the +1. Formic’s own, John Hutchison, blogged about how Google continues to enter into social. Google has said that the +1 may enter into their algorithm in the near future. I’m not huge of incorporating the +1 into the algorithm as I think there are way too many opportunities to game the system, but we’ll see. So, Google wins, right?

Ah, not quite. Bing just launched an even bigger initiative than the +1. How about the +100. Try that on for size Google. Your wimpy little +1 has nothing on our +100. How does it work? Well, I tried to get to the bottom of that by contacting Bing. The only person I could reach was a product manager, and he didn’t have much to say. Here are his thoughts when asked about the +100 initiative. “Well, we aren’t quite sure how it works or what it’s for,” said the Bing representative. “All I know is if you click the +100 then your website will skyrocket to the top of the organic search results.”

Whoa, sweet. You mean anyone can reach the top of the organic rankings with the +100? There’s no catch? The Bing representative didn’t provide any insight into the consequences of using the +100, but could only warn me by saying, “Be careful, it’s dangerous. Don’t abuse it’s powers or else, or else, you might get banned from Bing. Just kidding, we need everyone on Bing that we can get.”

So, the +100 feature is currently in beta, and being tested on a limited number of IE browsers. From what I’ve heard though, the testing isn’t going well as the browsers are continuing to freeze up.  Typical Microsoft.





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