RIP Uncle Milton

26 01 2011

If I were to ask you who Milton Levine is, would you know? Probably not. If I were to tell you that he may have been responsible for hours upon hours of your enjoyment as a youngster, would I have your attention? OK, good. Well, first, I’ll unveil who Milton Levine is. He was the co-inventor of the ant farm. That’s right, the ant farm with the green casing and glass filled with sand (later switched to volcanic ash) that allowed you to peer into the lives of a handful of red harvester ants swiped from the Mojave Desert. May Uncle Milton rest in peace.

How does this relate to Formic Media? Why would we choose to write about Uncle Milton on our blog, which is generally focused on more business-minded topics like search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising? Well, if you hadn’t noticed, Formic’s logo is an ant hill, with ants crawling into the center. Some have asked why the name Formic? Why the ant hill? I think Milton explains it well when he says “Ants work day and night, they look out for the common good and never procrastinate.” All great characteristics that an agency would look for in their employees.

Several days ago I actually ordered ant farms for the team as I thought it would be fun, and relevant, to have a number of ant colonies in the office. They should be arriving shortly, and I’m very much looking forward to watching our soon-to-be friends tunnel, colonize and never stop working. Very symbolic in my opinion.




One response

4 02 2011
Lauren Krzyzynski

Kent, I loved this piece.

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