Formic Media Seminar Series: Social Media Usage Policies

11 12 2010

Social media is becoming a very important piece of the marketing plan for many businesses, both small and large. In order to carry out the social media aspect of the marketing plan, companies are calling on employees to help create content, monitor the social media universe and participate in conversations on behalf of the brand. As you can imagine, this can lead to less than ideal situations if an employee divulges confidential information, responds in a way that is offensive or just plain has incorrect company, or product, information. For this reason, it is becoming imperative that any company participating in social media, where employees are asked to manage content and communications, must create a social media usage policy. These policies outline what employees can, and can’t, do when utilizing social media for work. Even outside of work, all employees are an extension of the brand, and must use common sense and be held responsible for their actions/comments. Formic is partnering with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, a local Portland-based law firm, to discuss the importance of a social media usage policy. Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt will discuss specific components of usage policies, as well as, provide tips on how to draft a well written policy. Join us for this free Social Media Usage Policy seminar. Register today.

Cost: FREE

Date of Event: Wednesday, January 12th

Location: Formic Media Inc.

300 NE Failing St. Portland, OR 97212






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