Google Instant Preview: What does this mean?

16 11 2010

Google has recently rolled out an update for their search results that includes a magnifying glass that when clicked will serve a small screenshot of the homepage with the site associated.  They are calling it “Google Instant Preview” and similar to the double rainbow…we have no idea what this means(in terms of search).

A few things we do know about this new addition; In terms of search significance, it will not impact your actual queries or positioning…yet.  There’s also no tracking available at the moment in analytics or webmaster tools, so the immediate impact of Instant Preview is uncertain.

What I can tell you are two things:

  • Flash websites do not currently work in Google Instant preview. That said, once tracking is established for Instant Preview and if we are finding this as an effective method of use by users, Adobe may take another large hit in terms of the viability of Flash on the web.
  • Your website design is now even more important for search. Having a well branded, clean, trustworthy site could potentially gain you traffic.  As people may be gauging whether to visit your website more on the look of your site rather than title tags, meta descriptions, etc.



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