Social Media at Its Best

2 02 2010

If you have a Facebook account, I’m sure you’ve recently noticed the influx of celebrity pictures showing up in your friends list.  That would be due to Facebook’s Doppelganger (the ghostly double of a living person) Week.  I went through the motions of creating my own celebrity-look-alike and was crushed by the results:

Of all the people in the world, I look most like Titanic co-star Kate Winslet…  To further crush my hopes and dreams of ever having a future in male modeling; I discovered that additionally I am a pedigree of a Child Actor, a British Prime Minister, a Flamboyant Las Vegas Entertainer and an American Politician with a penchant for screaming.  I honestly don’t know which one can be considered the worst.

While I sit here pondering what went wrong, the company hosting this service (as well as the Facebook app relating to this) is reaping the benefits.

Myheritage is a website specializing in family tree creation and interactive Genealogy.

Referring to Alexa Site Statistics for you can see colossal leaps in site traffic and activity across the board.  Specifically in the past 7 days they have experienced:

  • 53% growth  in User Reach
  • 114% more Page Views
  • 22% more Time on Site
  • 115% increase in Search Engine Traffic
  • Bounce Rate has dropped 8%
  • Gained 1340 positions in Alexa’s Rankings into the top 1000 websites in terms of traffic

Their social media presence on Facebook has inherently fed their organic search results for related terms such as facial recognition and celebrity look alike.

Brilliantly, they are also building a large user base through this process as repeated use of the celebrity generators requires a username and password, which also completes most of the information for your genealogy tree, which of course is their core product.

Whether was behind this well executed marketing scheme or not, it’s safe to say they capitalized on the opportunity and are reaping the social media rewards.


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