Holiday Retailers: Get Your Plan Started

8 08 2009

As soon as Labor Day weekend ends, I always receive inquiries from retailers asking about holiday online promotions. By September, the large national advertisers already have their internet buys placed and search budgets allocated. But the mom and pop e-tailers and local brink and mortar stores always seem behind.

Paid search prices increase substantially during the prime holiday buying season (Thanksgiving weekend through New Years).  Advertisers need to work on their quality scores now to keep pay-per-click prices reasonable. Google rewards good advertising history with better positioning and reduced prices.

Top positions in the free, organic search engine listings are highly coveted. Compared to paid search, the cost per visitor is usually less and the audience much larger. For retailers new to search engine marketing, it sometimes takes 12 weeks to achieve top listings. You better start now.

Start developing your FaceBook fan club now. Message your best clients customers through social media sites. Strong integrated advertising campaigns require numerous messaging channels, and social media has not been saturated with spam…yet.

This holiday season we expect more pressure on display banner advertising. Lock in your rates and impressions now before inventory becomes slim and prices increase. Geo-targeted banners through Yahoo and other ad networks are smart. Consider purchasing traffic through local television and radio stations display ads and pre-roll.

Strong creative is the key to successful impression-based advertising. Adding video and flash presentations to landing pages, email and banners require several weeks of production. Good web developers are busy in October and November, so start the process now.

Do not be the last minute internet media buyer, calling Formic the second week of November. Proper planning now will save money and increase ROI. Call Formic’s client service manager Royle Johnson now for more a free one hour consultation. His number is (503) 577 – 6905.




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