Sports and Search Engine Marketing

24 07 2009

Let’s face the facts, I LOVE sports.  I’ve been playfully teased in the past about my obsession for sports and certain sports teams.  You are probably wondering, “How does this relate to Search Engine Marketing?”  In fact, thank you for asking.  Both Bing and Yahoo have created sports shortcuts for search queries.  Bing was the lead-off hitter, creating an “Instant Answers” feature that has been increasingly expanded.  Type in the name of a team or player and you will get Instant Answers on all of their current stats.  Yahoo countered by quickly rolling out “search shortcuts for sports”.  Let’s take a closer look at these two search engines and their affinity for sports.

Bing Instant Answers

The Portland Trail Blazers are playing in game 5 of the playoffs and you do not have access to your television.  Don’t stress, has your back!  You can get an instant update about what is going on in the game via  Perhaps you are not away from your television, but you are curious how the Cavs versus Magic NBA playoffs game is going and the stats for a particular player.  Simply type in that player’s name into and get Instant Answers stats.  Let’s say that Lebron James recorded a triple double, and you found that out by typing in his last name into – amazing!  This is a great feature for sports junkies, including myself, who want to check the box score of a game or see a particular player’s stats on the fly.

Yahoo Search Shortcuts for Sports

It can be hectic at times to follow your favorite sports team(s); therefore Yahoo quickly launched a tool similar to Bing’s that is a “new sports team shortcut.”  When a user searches for a favorite major league or college sports team or player on Yahoo Search, a short cut appears with real, live data that includes the live score, the previous game’s score and the date and time of the next game.  A user will also find quick links to the team or player’s page, as well as stats, photos and schedules.  The sports team shortcut covers the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAAF and NCAAB.

With all of this sports talk, I’d like to end this discussion with a list of my top 10 favorite sports websites (in no particular order).




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