Power to the Online Mommies

10 06 2009

Recently eMarketer posted an article regarding the report “Moms Online”, and the increased use and resulting influence Moms have had over the internet.  Not sure about you, but really… I’m not surprised by anything in this report.  http://www.emarketer.com/Report.aspx?code=emarketer_2000579

The internet has been an amazing resource to Motherhood.

This got me to thinking on a personal basis.  I didn’t intend to write this blog as an ode to online motherhood, but really just a reflection on how the internet had helped me as a “portal” for all things family, mom and kid based.   Nine times out of ten, I am the decision maker in our house – because luckily my day is less chaotic than my husband’s. 

What do I use the internet for?  Just about everything.  I bank online, I compare prices of all kinds of things online, I blog with others about sewing and I even check my daughter’s grades online & keep up with her homework assignments online.  Not to mention communicating with her teachers when something goes awry.  Obviously said daughter isn’t happy about that avenue of communications.   When gas got pretty high, my husband would call me to source local gas sites to compare lowest prices, so when he was on the road visiting his clients, he could fill up at a lower cost.  As a result of the higher gas prices, I started using the mom blogs to find coupons, coupon sites and price comparisons on groceries because freight costs were being passed on to the consumer.  On the social media side, I am part of a few sewing blogs, frugal moms’ blogs and have a twitter account so that I can follow specific special interests of mine at the moment.  I Facebook to keep up with family all over the county, and not to mention internationally as well.

So, how can you tap into the power of the Motherhood demographic?  Online presence is clearly a must, and the ability to respond quickly and easily to a mom who is the “decider” with the information that she is looking for; means utilizing and marketing your web presence efficiently and effectively.

If mothers are your target market or even a significant portion of your audience or clientele, it is time that you budget some of your resources towards social media and reputation management, as well as blogging and online PR tactics.  Whether you are budgeting a few hours each week out of your own time or hiring an experienced agency to monitor and manage for you – the results will be well worth it.  By giving these online and social media channels a little bit of attention and “love” you will be able to connect more effectively with your audience and eventually turn them into loyal, long term customers.




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