Power of LinkedIn: Real Life Example

15 05 2009

One of my LinkedIn groups is the Portland Radio Council. Paul Allen recently sold two local Portland radio stations to Larry Wilson, an industry icon. Mr. Wilson sold his radio empire Citadel Broadcasting in 2006 for over 2 billion dollars (selling high). Now he is reentering the business at the height of the recession (buying low), with plans to grow.

The Oregonian, our local daily rag in Portland, wrote a reasonable article about the transaction and reemergence of Larry Wilson into broadcast. I posted a response on LinkedIn voicing my disapproval of the radio industry rock stars messaging: there was no mention of radio’s unlimited digital opportunities for growth.

Within 24 hours I get a personal response from the decision makers, defending their new boss. With a couple emails back and forth, soon I received and invitation to meet. Maybe this leads to a partnership between Formic and Larry Wilson’s highly financed, growing broadcast company?

My message Wilson’s group is simple: traditional media creates awareness and demand, and search engine marketing is the catcher’s mitten for the prospects created by radio, television, direct mail and outdoor advertising. Integrate of loose.

The message to Formic blog readers is that social media is a powerful tool for business to business sales.




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20 05 2009

Yes, LinkedIn does work

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