It’s not Paper Clip, IT IS PAY-PER-CLICK!

13 05 2009

This blog entry is dedicated to a discussion we had in our daily stand up (a whole other process we may explain to you someday…) where “someone who shall not be named” got confused and thought that we were suggesting a Paper-Clip strategy.  “We have Staples, why would we need anything else? 

<hit your easy button now to get a clue on PPC>

 So why should you bother using PPC as part of a larger SEM strategy or perhaps just a standalone campaign to drive more traffic?  PPC gives you the opportunity to reach a greater number of people and place your branding message in front of users more quickly.  It’s quick and easy to set up, and unlike a direct mail marketing campaign or other types of marketing campaigns that are time intensive to plan and move forward with.  Unlike direct marketing campaigns, you see results immediately and it’s measurable.  You can test keywords and ad variations to see if they are effective or not (and revise from there), and it’s easy to tweak the campaign on a regular basis to achieve optimal results and improve performance on an ongoing basis. 

The “set it and forget it” misconception.  No, you can’t.  It needs to be reviewed at a minimum at least once or twice a week to ensure that the campaign is running on budget and keywords and ad variations are being analyzed for performance.  Once reviewed, revisions can be immediately made to the campaign.  If you can’t review your account at least twice a week, you should consider hiring someone to manage the account for you. 

The “I rank high in organic so I don’t need PPC” misconception.  We disagree.  A mix of paid and organic will keep your brand visible, and we all know it takes more than just one or two times for a brand to resonate with a consumer.  We believe that PPC and SEO go hand in hand and can help support your overall marketing efforts.  If you infiltrate your brand through paid and organic means, your brand and message will be served more frequently to searchers and help them remember you.  While some searchers may not click on your ad, you are still generating valuable branding presence – for FREE.  Additionally, approximately 30% of searchers prefer to click on paid listings versus organic listings.  If you are not showing up in the paid results, you are missing out on a bunch of traffic because some web users will never take the opportunity to visit your site.

There are obviously more PPC misconceptions out there, but addressing the top two that we hear on a consistent basis, we hope gets you thinking about the benefits of a PPC campaign.




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