Online Marketing Dollars Increase

6 05 2009

In the past few posts we’ve talked about how small business can use  online marketing strategies to maximize their marketing dollars.  We bumped into this article from eMarketer and wanted to pass it on.  It shows how large and small businesses have moved and increased funding of their online marketing budgets.

Where does your online marketing plans take you?  Increasing your budget to get greater visibility and more bang for your buck?




2 responses

7 05 2009
Kris Kaneta

I recently blogged about the same eMarketer post. While I agree its definitely a good sign online marketing budgets are going up, I also think that most companies are underinvested in online marketing activities even after modest increases in the budget towards things paid search. And lets face it, email budgets are going up because email is cheap, not because its necessarily effective.

One thing I do think online marketing has going for it is the fact that its measurable with a line of sight to the top line, which is more than can be said for a lot of mass media.

21 11 2010
millionaire online

Great looking blog combined with good contents, visitors will have a pleasant experience reading your recommendations…Yes, small business can really boost profits by going online there are so many business owners tho that don’t recognize the potentials of ecommerce 101.

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