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15 04 2009

In our last few blog postings Formic has talked about social media.  What is it, how can you use it effectively and how can you tie it into your overall marketing strategy?  Hopefully we have answered a few of those over arching questions for you, but we would like to take it a step further and talk about a few of our favorite social media hot spots.  Today, let’s talk about Twitter.

Let’s Twitter!

You have heard the talk, but not quite sure what it is.  What’s a tweet?  Why should I tweet.  How can it keep me in touch with my customers?  What are the rules of good, effective tweeting?

  • 1. Learn about Twitter. Get an account, lurk for a while and get a feel of the environment. See what other small businesses (or larger) are tweeting about. Follow some people that you know in your industry, market or perhaps something that you do outside of “work”. See who your followers and those you follow are following – then follow all those that apply to your business goals and objectives. I tend to be a news junkie, and most of my favorite reporters and journalists are online with Twitter accounts. I started following them and seeing how they tweet and respond to other tweets. And to be honest, I asked my 17 year old and her friends what it was all about. Don’t have a teenager? I’ll loan you mine for a small fee.
  • 2. Decide why you want to Twitter? Have a strategy in place. Travis Campbell of Small Business Internet Solutions.com has come up with some great rules of the road for a small business to hop on the Twitter on-ramp http://smallbizinternetsolutions.com/rules-of-using-twitter-for-business/ . Having a simple strategy or goal in place as to what and why you want to twitter for your business is a great place to start. Twittering just for twitter’s sake can ruin your brand.
  • 3. How can Twitter keep me in touch with my customers? The blogosphere, ecommerce and the internet in general is a pretty impersonal place to be. Tweeting unique, newsworthy and special things about you and your business keeps your customers interested. You can interact and find out what they are thinking. How is this important? We all know the cable giant Comcast and how badly perceived their customer service has been blogged, reported, listed and the like. Comcast chose to fight the perceptions online using the same resources that their customers were using on the internet. Comcast responds to customer complaints via Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. They have done a pretty good job turning around a pretty bad perception of poor customer service, while reworking their brand by using customer interaction.
  • 4. Be a good tweeter: Be careful not to over tweet or people will start to get annoyed and tune your messages out, and certainly watch what you are tweeting. See rule number two – stick to your strategy and goals.

Here are a few other articles that can help you develop your own plan for “Tweeting”:

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Happy Tweeting!




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