A Small Business Can Do More, With Less

13 04 2009

“Ringing the cash register” or bringing in new clients is undoubtedly what makes or breaks the bottom line for any business and particularly those of small to medium-sized businesses.    However, getting your target audience to become aware of your product or business offering takes quality marketing, which costs big dollars. But here’s the catch.  If you are a small to medium sized company without an in-house marketing department and a small expendable income to dedicate to marketing your business, how do you stretch a limited budget and get the most out of each dollar?

The answer is simple, move your advertising dollars online.  In this case, less really is more.  Below, take look at the top roadblocks that small business owners report they are facing today, according to a poll of US marketers by Bredin Business Information.


Many of these challenges would be scalable for a larger business, backed with millions of dollars in funding and the ability to utilize all advertising mediums from direct mail to TV ads.  However, over 90% of all businesses in the United States are small to mid-sized companies with much smaller budgets.  By using online marketing tactics, small businesses (SMBs) can still achieve influential results and send a powerful message to their target audience, without emptying out their pocket books.  Online marketing strategies are highly measurable and designed to target customers even more effectively, so that advertising dollars are spent more wisely.

In 2009, the switch to online marketing efforts is already on the rise and trending significantly upwards.


Headquartered in Portland, OR, Formic Media, Inc. was designed specifically for the +90% of businesses in America today – your small to mid-sized business.  Formic Media offers customized Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Pay-Per-Click advertising packages designed to get your business better results for much less.




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